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30 Jan

What the heck, people! We live on hills and hollers! I was just talkin’ about my tractor!

Since you looked, here’s my “new to me” tractor.

Okay, obviously I have a little too much time on my hands, (or spend too much time editing my pix) it being winter and all the slow time of the year, you know. If you’re still reading this and I’ve not lost all credibility as a farmer with y’all, please, It’s yellow:

My friend, Farmer Joe says “you’re either on it or under it”. A fact about farm machinery and the dependent relationship we have with it. Believe me, I appreciate the technology. He also says that Ford tractors should be “blue or *maybe* yellow”. I told him I wanted to paint mine pink. He told me, under no uncertain terms that he was taking it back to the seller if I dared to deface it with that color (he knows where I got it since he delivered it). I think they might just kick me out of Tennessee if I paint it pink, so I probably won’t. Really, I’m not a girly-girl. But I do like pink when it comes to the farm. Pigs, plants, flowers. There’s a lot of pink around here.

The tractor, although it might appear rusted and aged to you, is an object of art and beauty to my eye (and sore back) and allows me to feel like a legit farmer. I told another friend that I got this tractor and he said “well, that’ll be a nice little tractor for you”. It’s just a mid-size tractor, not really worthy of playing with the big boys, but respectable. Then I got some advice from him about implements: I need more of them. Looks like I need to spend a little more time and money on Craigslist, as per usual.

I have a couple of horses – the four legged kind, Equines. They are relieved about the tractor. They would rather just hang out in the field and look stellar than toil as beasts of burden. Lucky for them, I’ve now got 45 mechanized diesel (veggie oil?) fueled, piston popping bad boys just like him, except the mechanized ones do what I ask…

“The only difference between a pigeon and the American farmer today is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a John Deere.”

~Jim Hightower

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