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The best way to see Middle Tennessee…

3 Apr

It was a busy Sunday morning at the farm. We’d finished morning chores and then hit the local home-building supply store for greenhouse infrastructure materials. No sooner had we finished lunch than the dogs started barking. In Middle Tennessee, when someone drives up your driveway they typically honk a few times. We didn’t hear any honking so we figured the dogs were barking because of Brad (it’s spring, Brad has been showing off and gobbling A LOT).

A quick peek out the window and this is what we saw.

It was Bob and Ann and they were out for a drive. Bob is a friend of ours; he’s our go-to guy when it comes to the hogs. He makes all flavors of fruit wine, a true vintner. He knows fine poultry when he sees it and negotiated a trade with me, bartering gave me two bottles of wine in admiration of my chickens – I was so thrilled by his gift, I gave him two hens. I got a bottle of blackberry and a bottle of strawberry, they are so pretty, I don’t want to open them!

Lucky for us, Bob and Ann asked us if we wanted to go for a ride!

We drove over into Hickman County and took in the beauty of the back roads, the creeks, the hills and the hollows.

Then we stopped to let the mules drink and the kids play in the creek. Though we traveled a mere 3 miles per hour, this wasn’t about ponderous plodding, oh, no! You should have seen the white knuckles on the wagon rails going down into the creek and later, back up to the road!

Though we had hours of work to do at home, this was much better for the mind and spirit.

Then we came across a horse and mule team with a lovely carriage driven by locals Sam and Michelle.

So we joined up with them and drove together. We got to meet new neighbors and see parts of the country we’d never seen before.

What a wonderfully relaxing Sunday! Of course, the work will still be there to do next weekend…

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