Meet T-Bone our bottle baby bull calf

10 Nov

If you drop your kids off at school in the morning as I do occasionally, when a.m. chores run long, unexpected conversations can and do take place. This one was with the kids’ gym teacher it went like this:

Him: “Hey, would you all be interested in a baby calf?”
Us: “sure!”

I didn’t even ask my husband…

So one week old “T-Bone” was carefully delivered to pinkguitarfarm on October 30, 2010, a beautiful Saturday morning.

He came with his own bottle and a lesson in bottle feeding. Although he was none to happy about being separated from his twin brother and mama…he reluctantly accepted the bottle and slowly warmed up to us.

T-Bone is now almost 3 weeks old now. He is drinking enthusiastically and follows us around in his pen, happily trotting behind us, always looking for an udder(!). He has quite the cute, albeit insistent “moo” when he hears us first thing in the morning and in the evening during our routine feeding chores, he gets his bottle last because it has to be warmed and mixed to perfection.

We think that T-Bone is ready for a bucket and maybe a little bit of grain, but it has to be added very slowly to his diet. He is also ready for some halter work and lead line training. Maybe he will make a good 4H calf? Time will tell. Moooo…

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